ALBERTO SORDI FOUNDATION  Research Institute for Ageing
A non-profit organisation, legally recognised by Ministerial Decree on 30.10.1995

The Alberto Sordi Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded in 1992 at the wish and on the initiative of the great Italian actor, Alberto Sordi, who during his life developed an acute awareness of the problems facing the elderly.
Under the terms of its statutes, the Foundation has two objectives:
1) to implement and support integrated and multi-purpose centres for the treatment and care of older persons;
2) to establish research centres in the bio-medical field, focussing on the diseases of old age.

In pursuit of these aims, Alberto donated a plot of land in the Trigoria district of southern Rome to the Foundation he had set up. His vision was that a Centre for the Healthcare of the Elderly might be established, as well as a Biomedical Research Centre specifically oriented towards research in the discipline of geriatrics. These days, the Foundation’s mission continues to support these two initiatives.

The Associazione Alberto Sordi Onlus operates within the Centre for the Healthcare of the Elderly.
It works in the social field, with particular attention paid to the situation of "frail older people" who are no longer fully independent. Its services include the provision of support for families.
The primary objective is to help older people to maintain and - wherever possible – to recover and develop their own psycho-physical capabilities.
Going beyond their mere basic needs, they are helped to live an active and rewarding life consistent with their own personal situation. The Day Centre, which was opened in 2002 while Alberto was still alive, offers older people a fully integrated programme, including a range of physical, cultural, manual and cognitive activities designed to exercise all of their faculties.
The motto of the Centre is "active long life”.

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"Onorare gli anziani comporta un triplice dovere verso di loro, l’accoglienza, l’assistenza, la valorizzazione delle loro qualità"

Santo Padre Giovanni Paolo Secondo • (Lettera per gli anziani - ottobre 1999)